Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finding Blogs and Commenting to Increase Your Blog's Traffic

I never really had a method for finding and commenting on other blogs, although I know that commenting on blogs is one of the tools used for increasing traffic to a blog or website.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on Morachat and last night, since I did not have much time to work on my blog, I just typed "Morachat" in my Google toolbar and I found a few blog posts about Morachat; I read 4 of them and left some comments about Morachat. Hopefully, the authors of these blogs will visit my blog and maybe also some of their readers (I am less sure about this last one because the blog posts in question are not necessarily recent ones).

This gave me an idea for a blog commenting strategy: after writing a post, you can do a search on your last post's topic and leave comments on related blogs. This will also allow you to find more blogs you like; you can keep a list of the blogs you found this way so you can visit and comment often on them.

This method will make it easier to select the blogs you really like and link to them, after linking to them don't forget to write a comment on the blog to let the author know you are linking to them and if they like your blog, they might link to you too.

I have also started to apply this method to my articles on Associated Content, since you can leave comments on other writers' articles too. There are a lot of similarities between blogging and writing articles on Associated Content, but that is an idea for another day!

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