Friday, January 11, 2008

Good News So Far This Month

I am having a good start with my money-making blog and articles so far this month. I am far from earning a significant amount of money but I had some good news recently:

Last November I won a €5 prize from Irish Media Survey; I received my €5 BonusBond voucher yesterday in the post and I also won another €5 in the December draw!

Yesterday I received an email from Associated Content: they are sending my earnings from October, November and December 2007 in my PayPal account. $2.21 is not much for 3 months, but I take this as good news because I thought that I had to earn a minimum of $100 before they would even consider paying me.

Ezine articles informed me I had earned the status of Expert Author, which came as a surprise, since I only submitted 2 articles on their website. I am not really clear on what being an Expert Author means or how to earn this status, but I know that my last article was featured for one day (yesterday) on their home page and sent to the EzineArticles RSS Feed, and that can only mean good news, since I had my blog's URL as well as my Associated Content profile page in the author's resource box.

And last but not least, after writing a comment on a high PR rank blog (well I consider a PR4 as high since it is much higher than mine!) that was found useful by the author, this little blog got a link in a post! Thank you Caroline, yesterday I received almost 20 visitors instead of the usual 7 or 8, which I am suspecting come mostly from my sister being bored at work!

Now that my ego is boosted a little bit, I can go on and write more articles. Maybe after all that clairvoyant was right, or maybe it is just down to all my hard work!

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