Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stalked by a Clairvoyant

Well, not really, but that title got you wondering, didn't it?

A few months ago, while I was surfing the Internet, I saw an advertisement for a free horoscope from Sara Freder; I don't really believe in horoscopes, but I like to read them, especially when they are free! I received my horoscope by email, which was all good, promises of Love, Money and Happiness, until I got to the end, where I was told I had to act fast in order to benefit from all those good prediction, and by "acting fast", the clairvoyant (or more likely the autoresponder) really meant sending a payment.

I now regularly receive more or less the same email every month: here is a sample of what I got today (I just wanted to show you the interesting progression of the email, which is quite long):

It starts this way:

2008 will be for you an exceptional year of luck in everything,
a year of happiness, love and money,
a year where all your most crazy dreams
could now really happen!

I even see for you next month a very important gain of money of several thousand dollars, and I also see coming the happiness that you thought was lost!
She then goes on and on about how so far my life has been devoid of Love, Money and Happiness and without giving much detail, tells me that everything is about to change (sounds familiar?). One interesting thing which makes me feel like going further in the email, is that in this particular email, she gives me an accurate date for my change of luck: I will have to watch this date, it is the 29th of January, 2008, at 8.00 PM. I don't know if she means her time (the website's business address is in France, which explains the numerous spelling mistakes in the horoscope, or maybe it's just one of the drawbacks of using computers to do your own work), or my time, but there is only one hour between France and Ireland anyway.

If you have the time, you can read some of the "information" she gives me; if she has a gift, and I believe she does, it's the gift of saying things without actually saying anything:


Indeed, and as I told you at the beginning of this clairvoyance, 2008 wouldn't have brought you anything special if these three especially positive and unexpected events were not happening in your life disrupting absolutely everything we thought established…

· Your first positive event, is the coming of an exceptional influence of luck which is probably going to allow you nearly to win immediately an important sum of money (I feel seeing the number 6 followed by a few zero !). This sum should be there very soon, even sooner that you could imagine,

· Your second positive event happened, or didn't happen, the day of your birth. Indeed, you probably don't know that but the day of your birth an especially happy event should have happened. This event should have made you a lucky and happy person for the rest of your life. However, and for a reason I still don't know, this crucial event and so important of your life has never happened. Result: luck and money have never really been present in your life!

Read here, it's important

But ! ...and here is the important news, that's this missed event of your childhood should happen again to you at the very beginning of the year 2008!

Yes, this new and totally unexpected fact should considerably increase your luck, already important, which is going to come during the year 2008... so without any doubt in a few weeks...

· Your third positive event, is here again a new and absolutely unexpected element, is the fact that the destiny has joined us, you and me. Yes, I think that the fact that we are actually in contact is not the fruit of chance. I think it's VOLONTARILY that the destiny has made us meet.

Towards the end of the email at last, she starts getting to the point:

And, because I really want your full happiness, I'll reveal you in exclusivity and absolutely for free your personal numbers in gold and of luck! These are your secret numbers, those which are particularly propitious and which may make you win billions at games!

But above all hurry up asking me to see your important clairvoyance of your chances for the year 2008 because don't forget that


You can believe me…

So don't take useless risks and ask to see at once your important clairvoyance of your chances for the year 2008

Do it at once !

All you have to do is to complete as quickly as possible, today if possible, the CONFIDENTIEL FORM FOR A REAL LIFE OF HAPPINESS for 2008

Yes, that's all you have to do, but you really have to do it...

From today you are for me the most important person in the world. So, have confidence in me, you can.

Without any risk…

I'm waiting impatiently for your news and send you all my tenderness.

Your devoted,
Sara Freder

I think Sara Freder is a successful business woman who makes her living by sending meaningless information for a fee to gullible people. She raises their hopes telling them good things are coming and, making them believe that only she has the key to their happiness, makes her money on the belief that she will deliver the key to their happiness.

P.S. I could unsubscribe from that email list at any time, but I enjoy reading that great things are going to happen to me, even though I know she probably sends the same email to all of her subscribers!

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