Sunday, January 20, 2008

Google Favours American and Japanese Webmasters...So What?

Everybody's talking about it: Google is closing its Adsense referal programme to everyone except those residing in North America, Latin America and Japan.

All the "Great" American bloggers, including Shoemoney, are or have been talking about this. So what, we are well used to the fact that most money-making programmes on the Internet favour Americans. Let me just wonder why, all of a sudden, do they all seem to feel so concerned about us; do they really think that we cannot fight our own battles or is this just an opportunity to write a cheap little post?

So thank you for your newly-found sympathy but let me tell you: the fact that Google will not pay us anymore for refering new webmasters to Adsense is far from being a tragedy; the few dollars we would get from it are worth nothing to us nowadays anyway!

We could have a problem, however, if Adsense stopped paying us for displaying ads on our websites and blogs, but we know it won't come to that, because too many American advertisers would lose a lot of money over this!

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The knowledge lady said...

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Sophie LC said...

Thank you for the tip; I have read several good reviews about Smorty (including yours) and my blog being just 3 months old since yesterday, I'd better get to work fast and apply!