Sunday, January 13, 2008

Get Paid to Participate in Forums: Digital Point

There are a few forums that pay you for your participation in them; Digital Point is one of them, but it is a different kind of "Get Paid to Post" forum.

This forum uses Adsense to remunerate its participants. This particular revenue sharing system means that you must have an Adsense account in order to get paid to post. I did not find the exact amount you get when starting a thread or replying to a post but here are a few relevant extracts of their FAQs:

If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.

You must have an AdSense account through Google.

You must have at least 50 total posts within the forum to participate (once you reach that level, the ads displayed from that point forward are retroactively applied to all the threads you started or participated in).

For threads you start, your AdSense client ID will be used 50% of the time when the thread is viewed as a thread.

Your AdSense client ID will be used 50% of the time when the thread is viewed by post (and you made the post).

I haven't signed up for three reasons:
1- I am a bit reluctant to give my Adsense client ID to Digital Point;
2- The forum topics seem to concentrate more on Internet businesses than anything else, it feels too much like work;
3- I already find it hard to get time to participate in Morachat, another "Get Paid to Post" forum I only signed up to 2 weeks ago.

There is a lot of useful advice in there for people interested in making money online, so I might just use the Digital Point website to look for information since there is no need to register in order to read the posts.

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