Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thumbs up for Clickbank

Last night I checked my Clickbank account and my eyes almost popped out of my face when I saw that my earnings for the first two weeks of January amount to $58.48! I was very excited as this is the biggest amount ever earned by yours truly since starting this blog.

It looks like my evil money-making scheme is working after all. My pay-out level is set at $100 so I have a bit of work to do until I get a real cheque in my bank account (I am secretly hoping that the value of the dollar will increase again before I cash all my cheques).

So far I wrote 2 articles on Associated Content containing my clickbank hoplink but my earnings are only for one product. For 248 page views, 4 of products were sold; frankly, I don’t think this was my best ever written article but I guess the topic was a popular one since it is one of my most viewed articles.

My second article is not really a review, I am more or less making fun of 2 products so I don’t know it will sell very well but I just could not praise "The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want To Leave" and "How to Become an Alpha Male" and live with myself afterwards! You never know, advertising works in strange ways sometimes. Well, even if it doesn’t sell, I will have had great fun writing it so it was worthwhile doing!

When you start selling products with Clickbank, make sure you keep selling until you reach payout level because I know that an account in credit that stays inactive for 90 days will start incurring fees; some people call that a scam, I call it "read all the terms and conditions".

Updated on 25/01/08
My 2 articles on Associated Content containing Clickbank affiliate links have been removed today, so I advise you against using any affiliate links in your Associated Content articles.

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The knowledge lady said...

Click bank is great but you have to have 5 transactions to qualify for your first check. I am well over the $100 mark but I just have one more to go before I get my first check. It has been a looong 8 months to wait for it so far.

Sophie LC said...

I have about this on forums but I could not find it on Clickbank. I should have mentioned it in my post; I will check this again and try to write something more complete about clickbank.
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback!