Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Taking Time Off

I know my blogging has been pretty slack for the last few months, but it's about to get a lot slacker, at least for the next month or two.

During the week, I have been offered social housing and it looks like I will be moving in about 4 weeks (Whoo Hoo!). I know this is not a reason for slowing down in itself but considering the fact that I am going on a two-week holiday (which has been planned since January), I think I'll be spending the 2 remaining weeks packing, cleaning up, buying furniture for the new house (I was renting a furnished house) and negotiating my leaving notice with my landlord (it's normally 56 days and I don't feel like paying rent on 2 places at the same time).

Be confident that I will also be practising my negotiating skills with electrics and furniture stores, as buying a number of items from one store should entitle me to a big discount!

The good news is that I'm finally getting a permanent place to live (or at least long-term) and that I will be once again (I already bought a car this year) putting my money back in the economy: I'd better start writing a list because the amount of stuff I have to buy is scary!

In case I'm not back by then, Happy Easter to everyone and keep me a chocolate egg!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Know Who Your Facebook Friends Are?

I have just read an article on Yahoo News about an English prison officer being arrested for having criminals as some of his Facebook friends.

Of course the fact that he had these people as friends on his Facebook profile was not the only reason while the guard was arrested; the article mentions he had a photograph of him and a convicted fraudster on his Facebook profile (if you don't want to get caught, don't show off with your criminal friends!) as well as the fact that he had been supplying mobile phones and other banned items to inmates of the prison where he worked.

I went on a mad rampage a few months ago, adding lots of "friends" which I didn't know as I was hoping to get people to access my blog and posted items such as Squidoo lenses and Associated Content articles through my Facebook profile. I may have been naive but I never thought I might be unknowingly adding people who may be bad news.

I am not a prison guard or any other kind or Government employee but for my own sake I'd still rather not have any connections with criminals. I think I have a bit of decluttering to do on my own Facebook account: I am planning to reorganize my friends into categories (never thought I might even talk like this about my friends, I'm scaring myself!); of course I'll keep the people I know outside the Internet (I have a cousin who is a policeman, I'd better warn him in case he would have any dodgy friends), I also want to keep all my fellow bloggers, Squidooers, Associated Content producers, etc...

There is a saying that says "Keep your friends close and your ennemies closer" but I'd rather keep any ennemies as far away from me as I bloody can!

PS. You can still add me as a friend if you like, just add a quick note saying how you found me.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lazy Advertising

Last week I received my car insurance newsletter in the post, and in the enveloppe was a sticker designed to display their insurance claims phone number on the inside of the car and their logo on the outside.

While the displaying of the sticker is optional, the incentive to stick it on the car's windows is pretty good, as the insurance company has "sticker spotters" on the roads all over the country who will enter the registration numbers of the cars they see "wearing" their stickers into a monthly draw in which 5 people will win €200. At the end of the year there is another draw in which the big prize is a brand new VW Golf.

I guess that getting their customers to display a logo on their cars must be cheaper than TV advertising or paying for ad spaces on the back of buses: €31,000 (the total value of all the prizes to be won, including the car) plus the cost of printing the stickers as well as relying on word of mouth (which is a big thing in Ireland, since everyone seems to be related, or at least know someone I know) is not that big a budget for a national insurance company.

Another scheme the same insurance company has is "recommend a friend", where people who recommend that company to a friend can get a €50 discount on their next renewal date (which also makes people want to stick with the company to avail of their discount). So I've calculated that for a policy worth €400 (which is what they have quoted me for my next renewal date, as I was trying to get last year's insurance on the cheap), I'd have to get 8 people to take up a car insurance with them in order to get it for free.

I am a bit surprised to see no group on Facebook called "help X get free car insurance" yet but who knows, I might try and set up my own one of these days!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Brainstorming the Nation

Not everything is bad about the current recession! At least some people are trying to turn this situation around and find new ways to deal with it. I wish I would have thought of this before, but I didn't, so I'll talk a little bit about the Ideas Campaign here instead.

Well, I guess most of you are now aware of the fact that our Govermnent, even though trying to help the country out the recession, has put its foot into it more than once and is being crticized by anyone left, right and centre (me being in a prominent position).

We were nearly on the verge of an Irish revolution against the Government (which wouldn't really achieve much, since all political parties are the same in my opinion, and I would really resent power-hungry Enda Kenny to be our next Taoseoich; Eamon Gilmore, maybe, but then again...) when Sharon Dove came up with the concept of asking people for ideas that could be implemented in order to get us out of this mess. It's a simple concept, but someone had to come up with it!

So now that the Ideas Campaign is live, anyone can contribute to the economic recovery of Ireland; it doesn't matter how small or big your idea is, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor or in between, famous or not, as long as you have an idea you should submit it on the Ideas Campaign website. I have submitted 3 ideas myself this morning and I am feeling good about this whole Democracy thing.

Even if you don't think you can come up with an idea, you should still visit the Ideas Campaign website, read the content and maybe taking a look at the different categories you can submit to will inspire you (that's what worked for me). Just remember that no whingeing is allowed, so stay positive.

I can't believe I came up with 3 ideas! What next? Maybe I should go into politics, I am ready to lead this country (God, I'm starting to sound like Enda Kenny; I'd better go and splash some cold water on me now).

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Hate Internet Marketing Freebies!

I wanted to write a post about how you can get Clikbank products for free and I remembered that I had seen some before when I scrolled down the bottom of my clickbank portal.

So I decided to take a closer look at my own Portal to see if there was anything worth downloading; I have just spent a few hours downloading Internet Marketing freebies and I haven't even started to read them yet!

I am not complaining about the fact that I am getting lots of stuff for free; it's just the way that this stuff is being made available to me that I have a problem with. I understand that the bottom line is that the Internet Marketing Experts, or Gurus, as they like to call themselves are trying to sell me something, and so their download pages all contain these annoying OTO offers (One-Time-Only). I know how to skip them and I don't care that my email address is probably now included and even triplicated in about 157 new email lists.

It's just so confusing that when you sign up to one freebie, the devil then tempts you with another 4 or 5 extra free bonuses and who am I to say no to the devil? Exactly! So here I go, sign up to A and then get not only A but B+C+D+E; Then I go and sign up to B because I can't remember that it's one of the bonuses I have already downloaded and they give me F+G+H+I and so on...

Anyway, now I've got some reading to do and probably also lots of lists to get unsubscribed from. I guess this is when I'm supposed to give you the download link for one of the free products but since I was in a frenzy and can't even remember all the new IDs and download links I must have created, all I can tell you is that if you hate Internet Marketing Freebies as much as me, go to your own Clickbank portal and scroll down to the "Recommended Free IM Product Resources"; if you haven't got one you can go to mine here (you can also get one for free through the same link, but that's only if you want one).

The guru said I had to taunt you so here's some of what you can get for free:
- 15 Free niche E-books with master resale rights and sales pages;
- E-book Auction Cash: How to make a killing selling E-books on Ebay in 5 easy steps*;
- PLR Fortunes: Huge master resale rights package;
- PPC Giveaway: Ebook about how to make a fortune with Google Adsense.

These are just the main free products; if you decide to get them, watch out for the unanounced free bonuses!(Damn these Gurus).

* Update: Ebay doesn't allow the sale of Ebooks anymore but it could be worth checking out other auction sites that permit this; just check the terms of your chosen auction site (thanks to the Knowledge Lady for pinpointing this).

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