Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adapt Your Articles to Your Chosen Article Submission Website

Last night, I spent over 2 hours submitting 1 single article to my list of 12 article directories; it seemed to me like a long time, but now that I think of it, it only took on average 10 minutes per directory.

When you submit an article, make sure before you start that you understand and follow the website's submission guidelines; reading them will save you time as you will avoid unnecessary editing; also, some article submission websites might not let you know if your article doesn't fit their criteria: they will simply not publish it and you will miss out on much needed exposure for your article.

Some article directories allow you to have HTML in the body of your articles as well as the author's resource box, such as Article Alley and Go Articles ; all directories allow you to just copy and paste your article from your wordprocessor but for some, your must include the HTML codes for paragraphs and line breaks. Most directories will not allow HTML in the body of your articles but some of these will let you include a few URLs in the body of your article: having the "" does not look as funky as including a HTML code but it will do the trick.

One article directory I will leave out in the future is ArticleWorld: there is no way to preview the articles before submitting them; they allow HTML links in he body of the articles and the author's resource box but you need a degree to find out how to do this; once published, you cannot edit your articles and there is no help section; I emailed the support department with a question but my email came back undelivered. Now I have 2 funny-looking articles on this website (I was not happy with the first and re-submitted it after cracking the HTML code, after copying it from Word, I had one word per line!) that will be forever waiting for approval! Oh, and I noticed my (only) other article that is still in my author section, waiting for approval (I submitted it on October 16, 2007).

In order to save time when submitting an article to an article submission website, it is a good idea to copy your own article in the same wordprocessor document under the different forms you will need, as well as a short description, a list of tags and a few sentences that will fit the author box and the resource box.

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