Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am Getting Paid To Blog With PayPerPost

Since Internet Junkie was 3 months-old on Sunday, I resubmitted it to PayPerPost and it has been approved! For those of you who are not familiar with this website, PayPerPost is a get paid to blog website. PayPerPost, along with a few other get paid to blog websites, is in fact a virtual meeting point between Advertisers and bloggers.

Being a member of such a website means that, if your have a blog that is 3 months-old or more, you will be given opportunities to write about websites, services or products and you will get paid for it. What you will be doing is actually write a review about a product, service or website. What is great about get paid to blog websites is that you don’t have to lie about a product; you are not writing an advertisement but a review, which means that if you there is something you don’t like about the product you are reviewing, you can mention it. Of course, if you keep writing negative reviews about everything, you will find that less opportunities will be open to you in the future, which is why if you don’t find anything positive to write about a product, it might be best not to take the opportunity and wait for something else to come along. If there is a bad, bad product related to your blog that you really want to write about, you are always free to write about it in a non-sponsored post!

One of the reasons why this website is so popular is that, unlike other get paid to blog websites, where you have to wait for an email informing you that there is an opportunity available to you, PayPerPost has a page you can visit and see the open opportunities open to you, and from what I have seen so far, they have a wide range of products and services to write about: yes, PayPerPost will be one of the websites I visit daily from now on!

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Congrats!!!! Now you can make some real money from your blog.