Monday, January 21, 2008

Save Money On Your Electric Bill

My bi-monthly electric bill just came in. I was dreading this one as my January electric bill is usually the highest of the year. As prices are always on the increase, I was expecting a figure well over €200.

I had a pleasant surprise when I opened the enveloppe as this January bill amounts to only €183!

Since last year I made a few minor changes in my home to try and cut on electric costs:

I have one of those TVs that you have to unplug so that they don't stay on stand-by even when switched off; even though our television is usually on all day, I have been unplugging it every night since last spring.

I have been also using my computer pretty much all day long since last autumn; whereas I used to turn it on about twice a week a year ago, just to check emails and do some online banking, but for the last 6 months or so I started to switch off the screen each night as well as turning off the computer.

My mobile phone charger used to be plugged in all the time even though I only charged my phone once or twice a week; I did not realize at the time that this consumed a lot of energy; now I keep it unplugged except when my phone needs recharging.

Lights in the house: I am progressively replacing classic light-bulbs with energy-saving CFL bulbs. Also, even though my 3 year-old recently discovered how to switch on all the lights in the house using her toilet step, I have a very conscientious 5 year-old who turns off the light when she leaves a room (O.K, I do have to remind her sometimes, but give her a break, she's only 5!); my policy at home is that if there are 3 people in, no need to have more than 3 lights on.

There is not much point in joining online money-making programmes that pay you peanuts if you are spending money blindly at the same time. Small changes in your lifestyle (nothing drastic) can save you a bit of money while at the same time help the environment and reduce the risks of fire in your house. All it takes is a little bit of thinking.

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