Monday, December 31, 2007

Get Paid to Post on Forums While Increasing your Blog's Traffic

A few weeks ago, I made an attempt at posting a few links to my blog and articles on forums, but I did not have much success, as most forums do not accept links, as they want their websites to be as free of spam as possible.

Today, I had a dream come true: I joined MoraChat, which is a "Get Paid to Post" forum and I already made 11c (which is more than I have ever made with Adsense in a single day); I spent the afternoon on the forum (between the kids, a trip to the shop next door and watching Shrek3) but if I had had more quiet time I could have made this amount in about 1 hour.

You really need to visit the MoraChat website in order to find out all the possibilities and this is a forum you can easily get addicted to.

One great thing about MoraChat, on top of the getting paid to post thing, is that you can have as many links in your signature as you like (which will appear in all your posts if you wish), and after 7 days as a member, you are allowed to post links in your posts as well (which is very handy if you write articles).

So, rather than get booted out of Yahoo Answers (I did), sign up for free with MoraChat; you get paid via PayPal when your pay-out reaches $9 so go on, you know you want to!

Before I forget, have a very Happy New Year! (But try not to overdo it on the Champagne)

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