Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Magic Formula to Make Money Online from Blogs

Well, I did not create it but I found a blogger using an ingenious system to make money online, having no less than 39 blogs, all linking to one another. If you are interested in making money online, I will reveal to you the magic formula for making money from blogs.

I don't actually know if this is a man or a woman, for all I know it could even be one of these smart baby bloggers (teenagers that seem to have a knack for blogging and earning from it), so to be practical I will assume that Chalacuna is a "he".

How does he find the time to write on 39 blogs all at the same time? He doesn't; he visits websites that let him copy free articles and updates his blogs once in a while with good quality articles that relate to his various niche sites, and then he makes money for displaying ads on all of his blogs.

I came across one of Chalacuna's blogs, Earn Money Blogging, while I was checking on Technorati who was linking to my own blog: I found out that an article written by me and published on Ezine Articles had been copied (with live links from my Author's resource box) and published as a post on Earn Money Blogging.

When I looked at the rest of the blog, I noticed that nearly all of the blog's posts were articles taken from free article websites. I then checked Chalacuna's blogger profile and found the list of his 39 blogs; each of them relates to a particular topic, and most posts on the other blogs are also free articles taken from article submission websites.

Each of these blogs link to all of Chalacuna's other blogs; they also contain the links to the article websites and any links contained in each article's author resource box. I don't know if this blogger does any kind of promotion to get traffic to his blogs: he seems to be a member of 3 or 4 blog directories and I don't see many comments on his blogs but most of them have a Google PageRank of 3, one of them has only 5 posts in total and still manages to get such a PageRank!

Adsense is on every single one of Chalacuna's blogs; I guess this is how he makes money and surprisingly enough, there are a few Amazon ads here and there but other than that, the blogs are almost free of advertising.

I guess this is not for everyone and the quality of the blogs on the Internet would surely deteriorate if everybody did this, but I reckon keeping one original blog and a network of article blogs would not be such a bad idea for someone desperate to make money from Adsense or any other advertising programme.

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1 comment:

The knowledge lady said...

What "he" is doing is illegal. I visited the site and it has your article in it's entirety there. To be ethical he should have only put a link to your article and not copy and paste the whole thing. He has stolen your work, not paid you for it and is in violation of copywrite USA laws. I would drop him a kind note stating those facts. If he continues to steal then just notify Google and they will yank his entire account.

Just because the articles are on a "free" site does not mean they don't fall under strict copywrite laws.