Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Paid to Blog with Smorty

After reading a lot of good reviews on Smorty, I decided to join them. I did not want to write this post until I knew a little bit more about this other get paid to blog website, so now that my lovely little blog has been accepted, here we go!

There are people out there that want to advertise on blogs and people wanting to get paid for blogging: Smorty is one of the websites that allow these people to do business together.

Getting paid to blog is so far the most lucrative opportunity I have experienced so far on the Internet. Sure, you won't earn enough with one blog to give up the day job (if you have one), but Smorty will pay your sponsored post a minimum of $6; the higher your blog's page rank, the higher paying posts you will be able to write and Smorty's website claims that a sponsored post can be paid up to $100, so if you are willing to advertise on your blog while staying in control of the ads' content, then you can blog for money.

What I love the most about Smorty is that it is a very easy website to use and they pay on a weekly basis, so as long as you have some approved posts every week, you will be able to fatten up your Paypal account each Friday, just on time for the week-end!

I think that blog advertising is a great way for advertisers to get more exposure on the Internet, as well as for bloggers to earn a little money. It seems that this new type of advertising is getting more and more popular, so if you have a blog that meets the minimum criteria, and you are looking for a way to monetize it, I recommend joining Smorty.

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