Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colgate Promotion Helps Against HSE Dental Care Cuts

The HSE decided to cut dental care costs that are not emergencies last April, so people like most of the Irish population who find it difficult (if not impossible) to spend €85 for a check up and cleaning (the price my dentist charges for about 20 minutes' work; I know, I know, there are overhead costs and dental equipment has to be paid off, but €85?...).

Yesterday I made an appointment with my local dentist and I knew that my medical card would not cover the cost of my visit so I was prepared to fork out some dough but it's only when I was standing outside the dental clinic this morning that I spotted this Colgate promotion:

During September, if you purchase in the same transaction:

  • a Colgate mouthwash (500 ml),
  • 2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes and
  • a Colgate Total 100 ml toothpaste,
Colgate will refund the cost of your dental check up or scale and polish up to a maximum of €65.

So even though I had to advance €101 this morning (Colgate products for €16 in addition to my €85 bill), I will get €65 back, meaning that I have spent €36 instead of the normal €85 with the Colgate products as a bonus.

Okay, so given the choice I would rather spend €5 at Lidl for the same products instead of the overpriced Colgate stuff, but it's not like I'm not going to use them and I don't have to stay loyal to Colgate, as I have been using cheap toothpaste and toothbrushes (the Lidl ones are actually good!) for years and still don't have any cavities (and I'm not making this up, after 5 years without visiting a dentist and half of the time not bothering to brush at night, although I do it every morning, I was told this morning that my teeth were in very good condition).

For more details on this promotion, go to colgateohm.ie and remember that this is only valid until 30th September 2010 so if you want to avail of it, don't waste any time!

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