Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trying to Get More Organized

Getting organized and doing all the things you wanted to do in one day can be pretty tough, especially if, like me, you love reading blogs (I didn't call this blog Internet Junkie for nothing!). Working on the Internet makes you vulnerable to many temptations and it is not easy to keep focused on what you have to do.

I am also a single mum, so although I don't have a real job, I must clean, cook, bring the kids to school and pick them up (at different times of day to make matters more complicated), shop, spend some time with my children and sleep.

The fact that I don't have so much time to myself is actually a blessing in disguise: I don't have much time for shopping so I don't window-shop and save a lot of money this way. I also use my own grocery shopping money saving tips, some of which save me time as well as money.

When I come home from bringing the kids to school, I do between half an hour and an hour of cleaning up in the house (I try to have the breakfast dishes done and beds made before we leave the house) and then I switch on my computer. One morning a week, I do my grocery shopping (so no work done that morning).

After picking up my youngest daughter from pre-school (I don't exercise other than walking to and from school, my closest shop, and the playground during holidays and week-ends), it is time for lunch (my other daughter has hers at school), and checking my emails if I have time before we need to do the second school pick-up: if not I do this after my older daughter's homework. After my mid-afternoon coffee and a snack for the children, it is usually around 3.30pm when I can get back and get more work done: I have about 2.5 hours (minus time needed to attend to the kids' needs and separating them from occasional fights!) to do what needs to be done: commenting on blogs, writing articles, social networking and bookmarking, coming up with new ideas for this blog...

I have decided to try the following routine from now on: on Mondays, I will try to write drafts for most of my blog posts for the week: of course I do have to read and fine-tune my posts before publishing them but it won't take me as long as writing and publishing a whole new post every day (for some reason, once I am started on one task, I find it quicker to keep it up).

Each afternoon, I will spend a maximum of an hour updating my Squidoo lens and joining Squidoo groups and commenting on lenses.

I also need to spend another 30 minutes on Yahoo Groups: copying and pasting the same message on different groups should save me a lot of time.

I need to put another day aside for writing and publishing articles (I have been very slow in that department), which leaves me 3 days less the above 2 hours a day spent on emails, Squidoo and Yahoo Groups, for Social networking, surfing the net to comment on blogs and finding new ideas for my posts and articles. If I can spare an hour between cleaning up after dinner and putting the kids to bed, I will try to earn a few cents on Morachat. I need the rest of the evenings to relax.

Looking at it this way, getting organized doesn't seem too difficult but I will need to be very disciplined once the children are on holidays. I haven't included the week-ends in my timetable but I do spend time online during the week-ends too, so I guess that anything I didn't have time to do during the week will be done on Saturdays and Sundays. Now all I need to keep up with my routine is another rotten summer!

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