Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogging Heaven: Make Money Blogging About Blogs

Another blogging strategy that came to my attention recently is the reviewing strategy. I am not talking about sponsored posts here, I am talking about bloggers who choose to review a different blog in each of their posts.

The advantages of this blogging strategy are obvious: there are thousands (millions?) of blogs out there, so you will never get stuck for lack of inspiration. If you want to start a blog but don't know what to blog about, just blog about blogs! Leave a comment linking to your post (if possible) on each blog you review, monetize with Adsense (just an example) and why not, if your blog gets a big readership, take a big leap and start asking for a fee per review?

It can be difficult to keep the attention of your readers when you just write blog reviews: you are not teaching people anything new (except the opportunity to discover new blogs), so how exactly are you going to going to get people to subscribe to your blog?

Bloggin-Ads is a review blog, and while what I have described above may seem very easy, Mike and Michelle look like they are working very hard on this blog. The reviews featured are very detailed, which prove that they do spend some time reading and analysing the blogs they are reviewing.

Another thing I have noticed about Mike and Michelle is that they are not shy and really push readers to subscribe to the blog's feed; I left a few comments on some of the posts yesterday (when I find a new blog I like, I usually read more than one post and if I feel like commenting, I just do it) and today I received an email thanking me for my support and asking me to subscribe to Blogging-Ads.

There is also a page on the blog where you can submit a review of a blog (no necessarily your own) or just request a review of your own blog; of course you have to subscribe to the feed before being accepted; with currently 765 feed readers, I guess what they are doing must be working!

Getting reviewed on Bloggin-ads is free, and I think this is another blog that is going to make money (if it is not already: 765 subscribers in 4 months is not bad!), and I think I will ask for a review of Internet Junkie on this blog before the competition makes it too difficult!

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