Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Just Got Myself a Brand New Money-Making Website!

Internet Junkie is all about the smart ways to earn money online, so imagine being able to promote 10000 clickbank products all at the same time, all from a website you can get for free (yes, even the hosting is free!); do you think this is too good to be true?

I must say I had difficulty believing that I could really own a website containing thousands of products allowing me to earn lots of clickbank dollars, but I found it and it really looks the business; everything is there, even the free Internet Marketing Ebooks!

Owning a free website is very well and good, but now that I have this great asset, what do I do with it?

I don't expect to sit here doing nothing and having thousands of dollars mailed to me each month: there are a few steps I can think of now if I want to earn a few dollars a month (I would be happy with just that to start with!), and the first is to edit this blog's layout so that my portal can not be missed by any visitor (I will have to get rid of my own clickbank ads that didn't bring me any sales by the way!), I will have to include my brand new link in some of my forum's signatures and my Facebook profile, write an article or 3 praising the benefits of a free clickbank portal, and of course, create a new Squidoo lens about it too.

I think I have a busy week ahead of me and I really want to make this work so if you don't mind I'll get to work right now!

Oh, and before I forget, If you are interested in getting your own free money-making website, you can sign up for free through my own clickbank portal!

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Anonymous said...

So how did it go? Make any profit with your Clickbank Portal yet?

Sophie LC said...

It seems I have some unexplained credits on my Clickbank account that could be coming from my Clickbank portal but that's only about $20; except from doing what I've described in this post (I wrote a few articles linking to a Squidoo lens about how to increase Clickbank commissions), I haven't done much promo for my portal so I think that's fair enough.