Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boosting Traffic: How to Make and Save Money Squidoo Lens

Here is the update on how my Squidoo lens, How to Make and Save Money, is doing: today its lensrank is 2599 (when I first published it about 2 weeks ago, it was something like 183000), it is number 74 for the "SEO and Affiliate Marketing" category, so I am pretty pleased so far, even though I have only had 21 visits.

As you may already know if you are familiar with Squidoo, your lens gets a better chance of ranking high (and making you more money) if you update it often. The ideal updating frequency would be once a day but it is not always very easy to come up with new content every day, especially if you are busy doing other things like blogging.

Unfortunately I have noticed that the mere inclusion of RSS feeds (even if they get updated every day) doesn't count as an update, so I have decided to create a Favourite lens of the day module: every day I will write a short review about a different Squidoo lens (it has to be related to making or saving money).

I am encouraging lensmasters to comment on my guestbook by leaving the url of their Squidoo lens, so I need to spend a bit of time commenting on lenses that I like, this way lensmasters and their visitors will be aware of my traffic boosting opportunity and if they are interested, they will have to visit my lens.

Et voila! Updating and traffic, I have just killed 2 cows (or it birds?) with one stone!

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