Monday, February 18, 2008

Who Likes Getting Abused on Facebook?

First of all, you should know that Facebook is far from being my favourite Social Networking website, so if I get banned from Facebook, who cares?

In my attempt to participate a little bit in the "life" of the Facebook Irish Network, which I "belong to" at the moment, I replied to a few discussion topics: one was about chocolate, so I posted a link to my article on chocolate, I also posted one topic about How to Win the Euromillions, nothing sounding too much like advertising, I just thought some people might be interested.

I am not a prude and I have heard some insults before (even though not usually targeted at me) but one user answered my post with such vulgar language (I hope this guy never fathers a child!) I got a bit shocked but I didn't want him to get the last word so I replied (with proper language, without insulting him, he just made it so easy for me to make him feel stupid!). For anyone wanting to learn some bad words that up till now I didn't know were used in Ireland (where else?), here is the discussion in question: Harry is a bad, bad man.

Another Facebook user saw the "discussion" and wrote a post defending him! Apparently that Harry guy, who is an adept user of foul language roams the Facebook Irish network being nasty to other people and gets their respect?!

So I have been called a spammer; I don't mind, I respect the fact that people don't like their discussion boards loaded with ads but I don't understand the fact that being able to simultaneously send 100 people or more an invitation to add a new Facefook application is not considered spam by some Facebook users (one of my friends sends me about 5 a day!) whereas posting a link on a discussion board not targeted at anyone in particular, entitles you to being virtually abused. I just don't get the logic in that!

This morning I saw a post from another user on the same discussion board which was really what Facebook calls a "blatant ad"; there was no answer yet but I wouldn't like to be in that poor girl's shoes when (Dirty) Harry sees that; I hope she can take criticism!

I am going to keep posting (although not links) in Facebook discussion boards and add new friends (although not Harry), not because I like getting abused (I don't), but because I see Facebook as a way to help me making money online, but I guess from now on I will keep all my links in my profile and I will join the Official Facebook Petition: To ban the inviting of friends on Applications.

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