Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Alphabet Blog Flop: I Am Still Looking for Internet Gold

Looking for ways to make money on the Internet is like the Gold Rush: innovators will make the most money, while the followers must struggle to find the right advice and earn the odd cent. At the moment I am afraid I am one of the followers but I have learned a lot and I am trying to find new strategies to make money online.

Last month I shared with you my Magic Formula to Make Money Online From Blogs. Following this, I created 2 new blogs and decided to update my first blog (a blog I had created to try and increase traffic to my website).

I had to delete my Alphabet blog, as I found it the most difficult to update it regularly: I had decided to find a new word, not very common, every day and try to link to an article using the word but it just took too long to search for an intelligent word, and then finding an article that I liked, using this word. On top of this, Adsense decided to display public service ads on the blog, which didn't bring me any income; my Alphabet blog being in no way related to making money online (or saving money), I decided to drop it. There is no point in keeping something that drags you down (funny, this is also exactly what I did with my ex!).

Internet Junkie is now the centre of my attention, and I update my 2 other blogs about once a week. I am not going to push them very much here, at least not until they have a bit more content. I also plan to create more, that is if I find the time; I do have a few more money-making projects, but I don't want to reveal anything until I know for sure that they work, so if you want to learn from me, I would advise you to follow up on my search for making money online, maybe even subscribe to Internet Junkie!

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