Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Power Mall: a New Kind of MLM?

I have recently been introduced to a new online money-making opportunity: attention all people addicted to online shopping, MPM (short for My Power Mall) gives all its members a free online shopping mall!

Although MPM sounds a lot like MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, considered by many including me as a scam), I want to believe in this opportunity because it is almost free. By "almost free" I mean that MPM members don't have to pay anything to join or stay with MPM, but they have to do at least one purchase a month in order to be kept in the system (even a $1 purchase a month sounds good to me, especially when you can buy bath or beauty products, clothes, shoes, groceries...that you would need to buy anyway!).

MPM works like MLM: the larger and deeper your downline is, the more you can earn. MPM gives you rebates on your purchases and you also earn rebates on your downline's purchases so the money you make is actually made up of discounts.

The real catch for me, and also the reason why this system will not work for me, is that I live in ireland and the shops in MPM are all in the U.S. I visited one of MPM's online malls and although I did find items that could be delivered to Ireland, I did not fancy paying $30 in delivery fees for an item that cost me $1!

If you are anywhere outside the U.S., you can buy software, web hosting and I believe also domain names (if you can grab good ones, you could try reselling them at a slighty higher price, try auctionnig them on Ebay...), so you can join MPM if you usually buy that kind of stuff; if you live in the U.S., I think this is a very exciting opportunity and you should give it a try; even if you can't build a downline and want out, it won't cost you antything.

If I lived in the U.S., I would have loaded this post with my own MPM affiliate links because I would have have jumped at this opportunity but since I don't, I am including a link where you can find more information (and an affiliate link, if you'd like to sign-up): My Power Mall Review - Scam or The Real Deal?.

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