Saturday, February 16, 2008

BlogCatalog Can Boost your Blog's Traffic

BlogCatalog is a blog directory I have joined when I started blogging but up until recently I did not know all the benefits I could get from being an active member; if you want to boost your blog's traffic, you should really learn how to use BlogCatalog's features.

This is more than just a blog directory: on top of letting you add friends, join groups and neighborhoods, it allows you to post broadcasts, which if used sensibly, should help you increase your blog's traffic: I haven't used this feature yet as I want to add as many friends as possible before I start sending them broadcasts, but I think it is great being able to send a mass message to all your BlogCatalog friends: the way it works is that when you have an important message to convey or have just written the greatest blog post of all time (yes, I know I am getting carried away!), post a broadcast with the link to the post or whatever it is you want to show all your friends, they get an email that informs them of the broadcast so even if they don't check their BlogCatalog account often, they will still get the message and if the title of the broadcast interests them, they will click the link that will bring them to your post: if it's a good one, you may have gained a few more regular visitors, as they will check the rest of your blog.

Of course, I won't advise you to add all of your blog posts as brodacasts, this would only make you very unpopular (unless all of your blog posts are newsbreaking stories): imagine having 1000 friends and receiving a broadcast every day from each one of them: would you open all of the emails? I would just go and remove them from my friends' list quicker than I can type "STOP!"

With BlogCatalog, you can also post messages on shoutboxes, post a review of a blog, send private messages...I think it is also a great Social Networking site and I will try to make the most out of it in the future.

If you are a blogger and not yet a member of BlogCatalog, I think you are missing out; joining this blog directory makes it very easy also to find excellent blogs: if you have an account at BlogCatalog, add me as a friend and join my neighborhood!

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jccleofe said...

Hi, I found my password...I've known it for a while but was wondering why I couldn't signed in. Anyway, when I started to join blogcatalog discussions it got my blog noticed. Thanks and see you around @