Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Simple Way to Make Money with a Squidoo Lens

When I first started to use the Internet to make money, I suffered from Information Overload: so many money-making ideas being thrown at me but no real plan on how use most of these in my advantage. I started too many projects without really knowing where I was going; I read a lot of articles saying that Squidoo was a good way to make money online so I created a Squidoo lens.

This was about 3 months ago; my Squidoo lens has a link to this blog, probably another one to my website and I really can't remember what else: I actually can't even remember its url address!

A few weeks ago, another Associated Content producer sent me a message asking me if she could use the RSS of my articles to put on her Squidoo lens. Naturally I was very curious so I went and took a good look at it: it is called Know It All Moms and contains a lot of advice on children, parenting, homeschooling, women's health and money (that's where I come in).

The interesting thing about this Squidoo lens is that it doesn't require much maintenance; there is an introduction followed by the RSS of Lisa Carey's own Associated Content articles, plus a few other RSSs, so the updating of her lens is being done automatically.

Since most Associated Content producers write on a lot of different topics, I wouldn't really recommend using RSSs, as this means you could get an article on the American election thrown in the middle of parenting articles, so selecting individual articles would be a safer bet. Another option would be to add the RSSs of different blogs, always with prior owner's consent of course. Using RSSs is different from copying whole articles, so there is no risk of being penalised by Google for using duplicate content.

One very positive thing about Lisa's lens is that it helps not only her own articles, but also other people's articles to get more page views, which means more money. She also uses Adsense and Amazon in order to earn money from her Squidoo lens.

This gave me a totally new outlook on Squidoo and how to make money from it and I think I might try another shot at it.

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