Monday, February 4, 2008

The Importance of Writing a Good Blog Post Title

There are huge mistakes a blogger can make and I have just made one of them! Any guesses yet? Well, last Saturday I wrote a post and as I could not think of a catchy title to put on it at first so I just went and wrote the post, hit the preview button to check how it looked, and since it looked fine to me, I just went and published it but I forgot to put a title on it!

While this is not a tragedy in itself, not putting a title on a blog's post means that:
1- It looks like you are forcing your visitors to read your entire post before they know what you are talking about and unless they are regular visitors of your blog, most will not bother (expecially if the post is very long);
2- This unnamed blog post will be harder to find by search engines, which means that surfers looking for a particular topic might key in a word or set of words in their toolbar, and if these are words that should have been in your title, chances are these surfers will not reach your post;
3- If you are familiar with the CommentLuv plugin, you will know that when you comment on a blog using this, your last blog post will not appear (as I have recently discovered);

This brings me to the importance of choosing the right titles for your blog posts or articles; in my view, the main idea is that you should write catchy titles (but not too cheesy: I could never really trust a Make $1000 a Day title), specific enough to come out high enough in an Internet search, but not too specific: just enough to attract a broad enough audience that will not hit the back button as soon as they realise that they have no interest in your topic. If you would like to learn more about writing good titles for your blog posts or articles, you should read 8 Ways of Creating Compelling Blog Post Titles. This article was written a little while ago, but it does what it says on the tin, and that is the point of a good blog post title

I know I could have edited my post and added a title but when I realised my omission, my post had been live for at least 24 hours so I didn't bother; if I did, I would probably have called it something like: Increase Your Chances of Visitors Clicking Your Affiliate Links (which is a bit too long anyway;-).

Well, at least, my mistake gave me an idea for a brand new post so I can't complain about this!

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