Friday, February 29, 2008

My New Money-Making Projects

I haven't been very active on this blog this week but this doesn't mean I haven't been working hard and coming up with new smart ways to earn money online!

I signed up with Numenmail 4 days ago: this is not really my usual style but yes, I have been taken in by their seemingly very attractive program! Numenmail is one of those Paid to Read Emails websites but this one looks like it really pays well. Payout level is at $8888: yes, I know this is huge but I got a free $800 bonus on sign up and most of their emails pay $80 plus I get on average 20 links to click per day (so far) which pay $5 each. So far I have a balance of $1670 and I am still expecting something to pop out of their site telling me that for some reason they cannot pay me when I get to $8888!

I don't want to turn this blog into one of these sites listing all sorts of Get Paid to websites and full of banners trying to get referrals, with (in my opinion) very little good content. I am not saying these are bad, I just think there are enough already out there and I don't want to join the masses. If you are interested in finding out whether Numenmail is a scam or the real thing, you can follow my progress on Can I Really Make Money Reading Emails?, which I update every day with my new earnings and anything else related to this that I might find of interest. I will also write a post here when I reach payout level (I should be rich by then!), and if (as I suspect) I find out this is a scam, I will make sure to update you on that too!

I also created a new Squidoo lens, How to Increase your Clickbank Commissions, containing affiliate marketing tips so that I can promote my affiliate marketing articles and links and (especially) my Clickbank portal.

Talking about affiliate marketing, I wrote 3 articles about affiliate marketing during the week. I will publish them all on Associated Content and also on my favourite article directories (this is so I can try and get more links to this blog and and promote my Clickbank portal), but not all at the same time. I think I should wait at least for a week between each batch of submission so that I do not get slapped by Google for submitting duplicate content to different websites.

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pearl said...

i want to know if clickbank is true........? and not a can i be sure...?

Sophie LC said...

I haven't received a check from Clickbank yet as I only made 4 sales, I haven't reached payout yet and I need one other transaction to be eligible for payment; I am pretty sure Clickbank is for real though, I just haven't put in the effort yet as I have been busy writing on this blog and my Squidoo lenses and articles, but if you do a Google search for "Clickbank [scam]" you will come up with a few reviews about clickbank and what other people think about it. When I get my first check I will post it on this blog.