Friday, February 1, 2008

Don't Be Fooled by Promises of Love, Money and Happiness

A few weeks ago, I shared on this blog an email I had received from a clairvoyant, which predicted me a positive change of luck at 8.00 PM on January 29th of 2008.

I suppose she meant to say that if I sent her a payment, she would make sure that my life would be filled with more Love, Money and Happiness; of course I did not send any payment, as I don't believe in such so-called "predictions".

What happened in my life on 29th January 2008, is that I had to rush my youngest daughter to the hospital as she developped a rash that turned out to be benign but was really worrying at the time, since it looked similar to a meningitis symptom. Needless to say I didn't have anytime for thoughts of Money or finding Love.

Both my children are now perfectly healthy, which they were already before the "prediction" and my situation is exactly the same as it was immediately before January 29th.

Would anything have been different if I had paid the requested amount of money? I think I can safely answer no. I have my children, a roof over our heads and enough money to get by without having to struggle too much. I am not a millionaire, but I would rather be "poor" with my healthy children than a millionaire alone.

Don't be fooled by promises of Love, Money and Happiness: some clairvoyants may be genuinely gifted but I don't believe you will find any of these sending weekly or monthly email newsletters to thousands of people they have never even met.

However desperate you are, don't ever pay someone to make your dreams come true. Everyone has the power to make things happen and it would be very foolish to rely on strangers and expect them to better your life. These are just shameless individuals trying to make money from people's unhappiness and whenever I come accross them, I can visualise a word in my mind: that word is "SCAM". (Hey, maybe I have a claivoyance gift too!).

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