Thursday, February 14, 2008

Link Love: Happy Valentine's!

You may find this title a bit pathetic but since I don't have anybody to share little red teddy bears with, and especially because I don't have to spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready for a date (Yippee, the joys of being single!), I have decided to look for love on the Internet (no, not dating sites!).

So, here are some of the blogs I love to read at the moment:

Wayne Liew Dot Com, which I have discovered through StumbleUpon, wrote a post I can relate to: in his Action Plan For A Successful Blogging Style Change, he explains how he went from a simple blog featuring his own daily rants to a Blogging Tips blog: I guess this happens to a lot of us, as we read blogging tips to try and improve our blogs and sometimes what we learn becomes the subject of our own posts, especially when we can improve these tips with our own original ideas.

Yesterday, also published a post about organization, in 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily. Today, he was writing about information overload and how he is trying to cut down the number of times he checks his emails: hey, Lifehacker, why don't you just try and use your own advice?

And, since I do spend increasing amounts of time on Squidoo, here is how you can learn how to use your tags more effectively: there is also some advice in there you can use for your blogs on Squidoo Tagging Tricks; right after reading this, I updated my own Squidoo lens, How to Make and Save Money, with no less than 34 new tags! I hope it will soon show in the Top 100 of Squidoo lenses; it should also help with my lens' ranking in Google.

Happy reading if you decide to follow some of these links, and also Happy Valentine's Day!

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