Saturday, February 2, 2008

I read a very inspiring post yesterday called Persuasion Tactics: Two Ways to Improve Conversions for Your Website. In this post, Dosh Dosh wrote about some techniques that can be used to make your visitors click on links.

I am not going to rehash his post, but one idea sprang to my mind as I was reading: supposing you are an affiliate, if you write an article (using the methods highlighted in Persuasion Tactics... or not), talking about two products, praising one and putting the other one down, what do you think will happen?

I may not have studied marketing extensively, but my gut feeling says that the readers may feel that the first product could be a good buy and click on that link, as the fact that you are not pushing people to buy the second product tells them that you are an honest person and this may entrust them that little bit more to your opinions.

Of course, some may click on the other link (Little Miss Contrary rings a bell here), maybe by curiosity and decide to buy that second product instead, which doesn't matter since you are also an affiliate of this one. Of course, whether they will buy or not is the readers' own decisions but prompting them to click is part of the battle!

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