Saturday, March 1, 2008

Important: Note About Traffic Exchange Websites

If you have a blog or website displaying advertisements, such as Adsense, Adbrite or any other type that requires advertisers to pay for their ads to be displayed on other websites, DO NOT USE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE PROGRAMS to promote it!

I am talking about this here, not because I have been caught using these, I don't use them for any of my blogs or Squidoo lenses, but I do use them for promoting my referral links, such as Numenmail, Clickbank Portals and I might try adding one or two Clickbank hoplinks.

Even for the ones described above, I do not recommend using traffic exchange websites as a long term promotion tool: I am using TrafficSwarm to get a little boost with some of my affiliate links for a while, but I don't plan on using them for more than a month or two, as I have noticed a few links that have been disabled due to violations of Google Adsense's TOS.

Keep on promoting your websites, but make sure you do it safely!

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1 comment:

Andrei Hetel said...

Thanks for info, didn't know about this. It's strange because traffic exchange just generate traffic (theoretically) but no clicks.