Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Email Inbox Is Going To Explode

41! That is the number of emails I received in my email inbox today, and I have not included the emails that went straight to my junk folder (100, 200? I don't check them anymore). It is my new record and it means that it is time to unsubscribe to a few newsletters.

Between the guy who is trying to give me some free websites and the widows trying to flunk me their millions, I know I am part responsible for this flood of emails; only yesterday, I signed up for a tips newsletter for cat owners and another one for dog owners; here is the interesting part: I don't own any pets.

Am I a newsletter addict? No, I just did this so that I could get an extra 100 PiggyPoints in my PiggyBank. I also got another 100 PiggyPoints by requesting a free a dog goodies pack, which I will give to a neighbour. I signed up for a membership on an alcoholic drinks website which I will not name, earning me another 50 PiggyPoints, and using 5 coupons today in my grocery shopping should get me an extra 320 PiggyPoints. I felt a bit sorry for the girl working at the cash register but I am on my way for more Boots vouchers, or will it be Sasha or A/Wear the next time?

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