Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is Broken?

I haven't been able to access the famous social bookmarking website lately.

I don't know if it's just me or what, I don't have any trouble with any other websites. I tried everything in Google: I tried to access it from my toolbar button, I typed the address in Google with the dots, without the dots, with the "www" and without, even with and without the ".com", any time I try, I get the famous and much hated "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

This has been going on for a month and yet, the website still appears at the top of the Google search page!

I would appreciate your comments if you know what is going on, maybe you don't have this problem, maybe you do, please share your thoughts!

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Scratching-out-a-living said...

I just used your link and it worked fine. You might want to delete your temporary internet files, clear out your cache and remove all your cookies. I had a problem simular to what you are experiencing a few years back and found out it was my "cookies". I removed them all and everything went fine after that.

Sophie LC said...

Thanks for your help, I did what you said but it did not work for me; I guess I'll have to do without this site!

Scratching-out-a-living said...

You might want to check your virus software settings and your firewall settings. They might be preventing you from visiting the site.