Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Friday, I received an email from IZEA Marketplace, which I had never heard of before, telling me that I had an "Opportunity" to write a post about Johnny Depp for "twelve bucks". There was a link to check my "Dashboard" and it actually brought me to the PayPerPost website.

Unfortunately for me (and for Johnny Depp...?), as soon as I arrived on the site, I was informed (once again) that no opportunities were open to me, since my blog (only 2 months old) was not yet approved.

PayPerPost now also offers the PPP Direct opportunity: for bloggers whose blogs are waiting approval or have been rejected for some other reason, there is a code that can be embedded in the blog's template; I did this on Friday and I am now waiting for PPP to check it out so I can put the PPP Direct Widget on my blog, which should allow advertisers to hire me to post independently from PayPerPost for a fee that I can set up myself (since my blog does not get that much traffic yet, I think it would be safe enough to start with the minimum $5 per post).

I don't know why I received an email saying that I could get $12 for a post when my blog is not approved yet; maybe just an administration error? Anyway I checked the list of opportunities available to approved bloggers and some of them looked very interesting with a few reasonable posts for $35.

So now I am waiting for January 20th, this blog's 3 months anniversary, and hopefully some opportunities will be available to me and I can then let you know if PayPerPost is all that it cracked up to be.

Before anybody asks, this is not a sponsored post, but I can earn money if you join through this widget:

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