Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Of Social Bookmarking

This week, I am giving myself a semi-holiday; semi, because I will use the time between Christmas and New Year's day to do something that has been on my agenda now for a while, but that I did not get time to do yet: social bookmarking of some of my blog posts; holiday, because I will take it easy, giving myself time to find new blogs to bookmark (and comment on at the same time).

It would be easy to just jump on some of my posts and Stumble or Digg them but since I don't want to get banned from any social bookmarking websites, I need to find at least 5 blogs to bookmark for each of my own blog posts. Of course, I will not bookmark each of my posts (I will leave this one out for example), I need to go back and select only the posts that do give useful information, and since I can't stand things being half-done, I will probably waste a lot of my time searching for really good blogs.

That's it for today, and Happy St Stephen's Day for those of you who celebrate it!

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