Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here Is Another Way To Make Money With Clickbank

In my last post, I talked about making money writing reviews about Clickbank products on Associated Content; I received a comment saying that Associated Content does not really like people submitting articles containing affiliate links and this is true, so in case anybody is trying the same, please don't overdo it: it could get you in trouble with Associated Content; but don't worry, there is another way:

You can set up a new blog or even use your current one, and write reviews on several Clickbank products. Of course, you need to write interesting posts also in this blog and choose products that are related to your blog's topic or else, any visitors will quickly get bored and leave; nobody would ever watch TV if it was only showing advertisements (not sane people anyway!).

There is also a website you can join if you are interested in making money writing reviews for Clickbank products: it is called ReviewsArena but I don't think it is a very good idea, unless you are the website owner, I explained the reason why in this article.

I will not do this myself because I find it difficult enough to keep this blog going and write articles and promote them, I also have a life (well, kind of!) and I don't want to suffer from burn-out.

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