Monday, December 10, 2007

Can You Make Money With Clickbank?

I am not a huge fan of Clickbank products, and to tell you the truth, the Clickbank products websites really unnerve me: what is more annoying than clicking on a link, hoping to discover The secret that will allow me to make tons of money, and after reading a long sales pitch, find out I still know nothing of the product?

I am not going to lie to you: I did sign up to Clickbank hoping to make a few sales from my website but I never bought any Clickbank products. The thought of giving my money away to purchase an e-book that might or (more likely) might not help me to make money does not really appeal to me.

However, there is a system that could very well work for Clickbank affiliates; one day while I was looking for ways to make money, I downloaded my free "License to Print Money", which is an extract of the Millionnaire League. When I read it, I thought it looked like a great way to make money, and even though I have not tried it, I think it might just work.

I know this is a pretty poor sales pitch, but I heard that unusual can sell, and after all, I am a Clickbank affiliate and I am here to make money, so if you want to try the Millionnaire League, I suggest you download your free Licence To Print Money first by visiting the Millionnaire League's website. Once you get your free extract, if you decide to put it in practice, I would really appreciate your comments: tell me if it works, tell me if it's crap, tell me if it made you want to buy the system, tell me if you bought this or any other money-making Clickbank product, just talk to me, depending on the feedback I receive, I will use it for a post on this blog and if you are lucky, I might just decide to put a link to your blog or website in the post.

To download your free Licence To Print Money, Click Here!

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W. Weirdo said...

I am also a Click Bank affiliate from waaay back. I make on the average about $30.00 a month from them but I don't promote the get rich quick stuff. I do promote the train your dog and cat type stuff on my other websites. The best selling product for me was a history ebook on ancient horsemanship and training. The secret to click bank it to promote only items that will compliment your website or blog. Best of luck with Click Bank.

Sophie LC said...

I agree that you should display only ads that are relevant to your site's content - If someone visits your site looking for info on pets, I don't think they want to see ads for dieting or get rich quick! I saw your blog, very funny stuff, from your comment I expected a pet blog but it made me laugh!