Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DIY Blog Monetizing

Lately I have come up with ideas at the most unexpected times; take this morning for example, while I was mopping my bathroom floor (well my mind was not really on the job at hand!), I started thinking about my post on Clickbank; before writing the post I had been looking at the different monetizing programmes such as Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc.

I was toying with the idea of adding Bidvertiser on my blog but after reading a few comparison reviews between Adsense and Bidvertiser, I decided it would not make a lot of difference if I changed anything, especially as my blog does not attract huge volumes of traffic yet (athough I am hoping this will change in the next few months).

Here is the idea that came to me: what if I made my own ads containing my Clickbank hoplink and found a strategic place to display them? If someone ends up buying a product, I will get a much bigger commission than I would with Adsense or any other monetizing programme.

Of course the mere displaying of the ads will not get me a commission but I can choose my own ads, I can change them whenever I like and if I also keep Adsense, I think it can only be a win-win situation!

So here it is, I changed my blog's template to include a few Clickbank ads at the bottom of my posts, I also added a link to my own website because Clickbank doesn't need to own the monopole of my DIY Ads placing!

The only worry I have is that Google might see this as an attempt to display Adsense competing ads on my blog but even if it does, what is the risk? If I get banned from Adsense, I can either choose to display more of my own DIY ads instead or sign up with Bidvertiser, or a combination of both!

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Scratching-out-a-living said...

If you are a member of Click Bank don't forget to become an affilitate of Click Bank too. That way when you refer people to join Click Bank you get a referal fee. The info should be all in your Click Bank account.

Scratching-out-a-living said...

Forgot to add - Adsense also pays you when you refer someone to join up. All of your links in this article were regular links, you should have referer links get paid for refering people.

Sophie LC said...

Thanks, I thought the only way to make money with clickbank was to sell their products, I will check it out, might be an idea for a new article!
I did not manage to get my referral link for Adsense, I will try and post a question in their forum, thanks for the comments.