Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Post Exchange Feature on Smorty

Smorty is a Get Paid to Blog website where you can get paid anything upwards of $6 per sponsored post you write. Now Smorty has added a new Post Exchange feature to their program.

So far I haven't had that much success with it; my blog's pagerank was 2 in January when I first applied and I wrote 3 posts for them, each paying me $6. About 2 weeks after writing my first sponsored posts for Smorty and PayPerPost, my pagerank dropped to 0 and I haven't got any other posts to write, even though I have tried to stay on topic as much as possible.

Smorty has created a new feature to try and help bloggers with their rankings: it is called Post Exchange. You won't get paid for participating in the program but you will get a backlink for each post you write.

Here is how Post Exchange works: you submit your blog to take part in the exchange and hopefully you will get to write a review of a blog that is in the same category as yours (and is also likely to have about the same ragerank as yours). The blog you are reviewing will get to review another blog (not yours, so there is no cross-linking, something that Google would frown upon). Some other participating blog will write a review of your blog and for each blog you review you will get one backlink from another blog participating to the scheme.

My opinion on Smorty's Post Exchange scheme: I submitted this blog and I found one task which I didn't take because the blog I was asked to review was a very poor one and didn't have much to do with Smart Ways to Earn Money Online. There are much better ways to get quality backlinks so I think I'll just leave it and continue doing a bit of article marketing instead.

Since I suspect that the drop in my pagerank was mostly due to the fact that I wrote a few sponsored reviews, I think I will drop the whole "Get Paid to Blog" thing altogether (including Post Exchange) and concentrate more on getting paid for my articles with Associated Content; the money may be very slow in the beginning but once you have traffic coming to your articles, you have a steady stream of dollars hitting your Paypal account every month!

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