Thursday, April 10, 2008

Morachat Paid to Post Forum Under New Management

At the end of last year I signed up to Morachat, a paid to post forum that pays you to chat online. I was very excited by this new opportunity, especially since the Morachat forum was such a friendly one but I must confess that because of all the work I was doing on this blog, my articles and my Squidoo lenses I just could not spend an hour a day on the forum as I had first intended to and therefore I still haven't reached the $9 payout.

There has been a few changes recently on Morachat, as the former owner Bryan decided to leg it and leave the Morachat, Moratraffic and other Mora sites members in the lurch!

Since I was not on the forum every day at the time, I was a bit in the dark as to whatever went on exactly; apparently some Morachat members have been paid their earnings in the past but in the last few months, Bryan's continuous absence of the forum left the most avid posters there wondering what was happening.

The Mora domain names have been bought back and the new administrators, Chris and his wife Rachael, have decided to keep the site running. They have changed the advertisements (without ads, no money for the members), are starting to run some contests (the last one: earn $3 to post the funniest YouTube video) and are giving the members new opportunities to earn money (on top of the money we get for posting): I already submitted my first article that will bring me an extra $3, and there is even a new tutorials section: Chris recently posted a call to members wanting a free blog and will be starting a blogging tutorial soon.

I think this is all great news for all new and existing Morachat members, so if you haven't yet joined Morachat and would like to find a friendly online forum that pays you for having fun online and gives you lots of opportunities to earn extra money online, Morachat is the place for you!

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