Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My First Morachat Payment

It's official, the new Morachat is an honest Get Paid to Post forum!

Not that I doubted this for one second, but I just wanted to blog about my first Paypal payment from Morachat since the previous owner left last month without paying its members.

I requested my first $9 payout last night and got paid less than 24 hours later on my Paypal account; I was due $3.21 from the previous owner and this amount was added on to my payout as promised, even though this extra $3.21 was not the new owner's responsibility.

How did I manage to hit payout so quick? I only earned about $3 from posting on the forum but the Extra Work forum thread helped me cheat a little bit: I was asked to write 2 articles and got about $3 for each and this is how I managed to earn $9 in less than one month without being constantly posting on the forum.

I know it's not big bucks but Morachat and other Get Paid to Post forums are a good starting point for someone totally new to making money online as it doesn't require any special skills.

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