Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Blogger Features Makes Blogging Easier Than Ever

As you may be aware, Google has blessed us Blogger users with 2 new features which should make it easier than ever for us to blog:

Up until now, you could use the link list module so this is something I could do without but just for the sake of it I will try and change my blog's layout and use this new feature in the next few days (or weeks). You never know, using this may make a blog more SEO friendly than the existing link list.

Scheduled posting:
Now you can take a holiday! You can write posts in advance, indicate the date at which you want them published, hit the publish button and not worry about your blog not being updated for a certain period of time.
Up until now, you could save your drafts and change the date by going into "Post Options" at the bottom of your draft, but this meant that you could have for example a post dated April 10th, 2008 published on April 7th, 2008.
If you decided to take time off and have your daily posts written in advance, you could still write posts and save your drafts but this meant that you had to log into your blogger account every day in order to have your saved posts published at the right date (not exactly my idea of a holiday!).

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't provide its users with free automatically updated content yet but let's not ask for too much; I think it's a relief to know that blogger blogs are being constantly improved and it still doesn't cost us a dime!

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