Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't Buy Any Make Money Online E-Books Until You've Seen This!

Making money online from blogs is a very attractive way to earn an income for beginners. Unfortunately most people who want to earn money on the Internet give up before they get paid from their affiliate or other monetizing programme, others just buy expensive e-books or pay for online courses that claim they will make them rich in no time.

I haven't bought any of these so I cannot tell you whether they work or not, but I am convinced that some of these contain nothing much other than affiliate links for you to spend even more money; these are the ones that should read "Make Me Money Online" instead of "Make Money Online"! Some may contain good advice that you can read for free by visiting the right blogs so I wouldn't go out and spend money on these either.

If you are really interested in making money from blogs, before you go and pull out your credit card, head over to Grizzly Bear's blog. I've found this blog recently and even though he wrote his 5 Make Money Using Blogs lessons over a year ago, I am sure you'd be better off trying them out before spending your hard earned money on an e-book that tells you what you can find out for free online.

I really like Grizzly Bear's style, he explains everything so plainly that even a 10 year-old would understand his lessons; don't let the ugliness of his blog fool you, it's not here to look pretty, it's here to teach beginners how to make money.

If you're under 10 and can't find the links to the Make Money Using Blogs lessons, here are the links:
- Make Money Using Blogs Lesson 1;
- Make Money Using Blogs Lesson 2;
- Make Money Using Blogs Lesson 3;
- Make Money Using Blogs Lesson 4;
- Make Money Using Blogs Lesson 5;

If you're under 10, you shouldn't be reading this: go and do some homework, play some ball outside or if it's after 9pm, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed!

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