Saturday, April 12, 2008

PLR Wholesaler: Free PLR Content with a Twist

I have just come across the best free PLR (Private Label Rights) package so far. The reason why I am so interested in PLR content is not that I am lazy, in fact I hate the idea of publishing the exact same articles as other people, but because I know I can get one or more articles on one topic and rewrite them in my own words to create my own unique articles and publish them on article directories to bring traffic to my blog. I haven't even read any of the articles in the package so far but I know the free membership I just got is going to be very useful.

You heard me right, I said I haven't read any of the free articles and already I'm bragging about this PLR Wholesaler! This is not the only free PLR content available online, I came across several others before but never one that gave me absolutely all the tools I need to earn free traffic and money from them!

Here is what you get with PLR Wholesaler on top of the thousands of free articles, ebooks, tutorials, Internet Marketing courses, videos, websites builders and coupon codes for a few web products such as hosting packages (some of the products even come with Master Resale Rights so you can sell them for 100% profit):

You get to rebrand PLR Wholesaler with your own affiliate ID and if you are a Clickbank member you can even earn more money by updating your profile with your own Clickbank affiliate ID, but that's not all!

You will find a page on the website that gives you absolutely everything you need to earn money from giving away the PLR Wholesaler package (guess what I'm trying to do right now!):
- PLR Wholesaler Video,
- Banners,
- Solo ads,
- PLR Wholesaler review,
- Headlines,
- Classified ads,
- Signatures for forums or emails,
- Rebrandable PLR ebooks,
- Rebrandable software,
- Squeeze page and ecourse,
- Blog post (which, by the way, I am NOT using),
- 20 PLR articles (which I may use but only after putting them in my own words).

What I like most about this free membership website is that, instead of leaving you to your own devices with all those tools, it gives you step-by-step directions on how to use them to earn money and get traffic to your affiliate page, which is something I have never seen so far with any PLR content packages or affiliate products.

I guess this guy Gabor Olah is doing a very smart thing with his Free PLR Wholesaler: he is one of the rare Internet Marketers that understands that one of the best ways to make money online is to help others doing so too.

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