Monday, March 24, 2008

What Can Squeeze Pages Do For You

Some of you may not even know what a Squeeze page is but I am sure that you are all familiar with single web pages begging you to enter your name and email address so that you can get a free report or free newsletter. After you sign up and get your freebie, you are usually bombarded with (not free) offers by email. Well there you go, you have been acquainted to your first Squeeze page!

Sometimes Internet Marketers use a page from their website as email capture page to build their list, but if you don't have or don't want a website, you can still use one of these squeeze pages to promote an e-book, newsletter, affiliate links, etc. Squeeze pages don't have to be rich in content, as their main objective is not to inform you but to lure you into asking for information so that some clever Internet Marketer can have your details on his list.

Squeeze pages work best with an autoresponder and a good autoresponder service should enable you to copy a form that you can put on your website or squeeze page for people to sign up for whatever is being advertised.

Why a use a squeeze page and not just put a form on a website or blog? Typically a good squeeze page should offer something your visitors can't refuse; you can put your email capture form on your blog but your visitors may be distracted by the other content on the site and even though they may want to sign up, after clicking on a few links they may just forget everything about your great offer; a squeeze page just converts better, as once your visitors are on it, they have a whole page dedicated to your offer and you shouldn't give them any other choice than entering their details on your form. You should have your form on your blog but also put a link to your Squeeze page everywhere else (forums, email signature, traffic exchanges...).

If you are planning to do an email marketing campaign, you can sign up for free squeeze pages and offer your visitors a free e-book or newsletter on the same topic your email campaign is about; build a good relationship with your subscribers offering them something valuable for free first and you will get more conversions for what you are selling.

Enough talking about Squeeze pages, I'd better publish this post now and start designing my first one!

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