Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yahoo Groups for Free Advertising

I can't believe I didn't write this post sooner! You may have already noticed the little Yahoo Groups purple button in my navigation bar; I discovered Yahoo Groups a few month ago when bookmarking some of my articles.

Yahoo Groups is a website that allows you to participate in the topics you are interested in; a Yahoo Group is a bit like a forum, as members can post messages and help each other by posting relevant messages and links (when allowed).

What I really like about this is that when you post a message in one group, that message is automatically being forwarded by email to all group members who have chosen the option to receive messages either by individual email or by daily digest.

I created my own Group on Yahoo, that you can join here, where I post updates about my blog and anything related to making money online that I want other members and visitors to know about.

Being Internet Junkie's Group moderator allows me to accept or reject other members' messages. Anyone is welcome in the group, whether they have a link to a useful money-making website or blog (I will check the links before publishing them) or if they just want to chat about the ways to earn money online. I will not publish other members' posts containing affiliate links.

All groups don't allow advertising so before you join a Yahoo Group you must read the welcoming message to make sure your messages will not be rejected. Some Goups you might find useful, especially if you have some affiliate links to promote (or any other links) are listed below. Make sure that you subscribe to the daily digest and not the individual messages if you don't want your email to be bombarded with hundred of ads everyday!

These advertising groups are very active and I am not sure that all the ads posted on them will be read; if most members are like me they will just use them for advertising and delete the daily digests as they hit their inbox without even reading them, but I think there must be some people out there reading at least some of the messages so it might be worth a shot.

Here is a list of Yahoo Groups that allow advertising (you can also find some good opportunities):
Get More Traffic;
Cook_Recipes (allows ads other than cooking too);

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