Thursday, March 6, 2008

Submit Your Content to GoogleBase

I was about to submit my Squidoo lenses' urls to Google when I found Google Base.

I know some people do submit their articles and Squidoo lenses to Google's search engine and I was about to start doing this when I read that Google only indexes the home page of the urls you submit; I did not go any further, since I am sure that submitting the home pages of Squidoo and Associated Content would be a waste of my time (I am pretty confident these must have already been submitted at least a million times)!

I did find another way to submit content that is not a website or blog: it is called GoogleBase and you can submit offline (a good place to start selling products, rather than paying Ebay fees!) as well as online content: people profiles (free online dating?), reviews, articles, classifieds, anything you can think of that will not fit in the website category. I actually remembered that I had submitted my blog and my affiliate casino website last November and they did get a few page views so it works for me!

As there is no category for Squidoo lenses, I submitted my 3 lenses in the Reference Articles category; I will also submit all my Associated Content articles there.

I could also submit my own profile, if I can get away without having to post a photo of my own mug (wouldn't be fair on the others, really!); it might be worth it if I can post my links on this profile and not give away any personal information, as I take my online security seriously.

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