Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Will You Do with the Money Earned Online?

Well, it's Mother's day here in Ireland (a bit confusing since my mother lives in France and the French celebrate Mother's day in May!) so I have decided to take it easy and write a laid-back post (in fact I wrote this last night and am publishing it today!).

Have you thought of how you are going to spend all the Adsense, Clickbank and whatever other $$$$s you are going to earn online?

I have been saving up for a new car(my car is 10 years-old and starting to look and sound like an old tractor!), so that is where the bulk of my money will go; I am being optimistic but hoping is good for my mental state! If I have any left over money I will invest in a new laptop (I am working from a PC I bought 5 years ago and it is a bit slow, it has one of these big heavy screens and is starting to look ancient!) and try and get a faster Internet connection, I would also like to invest in a proper web hosting package and a few domain names and set up a few niche sites using plr content and monetize these heavily! Before doing all these things I will book a ferry ticket to France to visit my family, bring my kids to Eurodisney and invest in lots of new clothes for my kids and me!

If I happen to hit the Jackpot (I guess the lotto is a better bet than blogging in this case!) and become a multi-millionaire (this is being completely unrealistic but a mum needs to dream!), I will invest in luxury hotels in the places I intend to spend time: I will reserve a whole section (including private swimming-pool) for my family, live in one of them and holiday in the other ones! Of course I will need to hire good staff and managers as well as a good accountant for each so that my hotels make me even more money. Imagine never having to clean up or cook (Hello, maids, restaurants and room service!) and having all that free time to spend doing fun things with my kids and blogging!

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