Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Have Reached Payout!

A few weeks ago I Joined Numenmail, a Get Paid to Read Emails website that promised me big bucks for very little work (if you call clicking a few links while I read a magazine or check my emails "work").

I have been updating my Squidoo Lens: Can I Really Make Money Reading Emails? regularly with my earnings and after only 30 days, I reached my $8888 payout!

I have requested my money to be paid on my Paypal account, which should take a maximum of 30 days if it turns out that Numenmail is an honest programme after all. I don't want to encourage people to join this website expecting big money, since a company that pays you $80 to stay on a website for 3 minutes sounds very dodgy to me and am I not the only suspicious person, if I believe the comments that have been left on my Squidoo lens so far.

If I do get paid, I will make sure I let everyone know by writing a big happy post here and on my lens (after doing some shopping!); if I don't get my $8888, it won't really matter as I never gave this company a cent, but you can be sure you will hear about it too!

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