Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Update : Things Are Moving Faster Than I Expected

I am still in the process of writing keyword-rich articles in my niche and on monday I submitted my first 3 articles to Ezine Articles. I did this before having all my articles written because I knew that it might take a while (usually up to a week) for them to approve my articles and also to upgrage my author account to platinum (where I get to submit an unlimited amount of quality articles instead of just 10 with basic membership - this upgrade is free once you have 10 articles on their directory that meets their quality standards).

Since I had already 8 articles on the site that I had submitted previously on different topics (3 of them have been removed but they still count in the total of published articles), I thought I would have to wait a few days before my articles were approved and my author status upgraded but Ezine Articles published my articles and upgraded my membership in less than 24 hours, which took me by surprise.

I now have 8 articles written for my niche (3 of them published) and I also spent a little time adding some content to my blog: I did not want to have people reading my articles, and then clicking on my links to be brought to a crappy site that looked more like a blatant sales page than a website that was supposed to help them find the information they were looking for (so yes, I did stray a little from the method I am following, just trying to make it better).

I found out that I can make my blog look more like a website by adding pages so I am planning to add more but the most important thing for me today is to write another 2 articles to bring my total up to 10.

Once this is done, the most difficult part of my affiliate marketing campaign will be over but there are still a number of things that will need to be done. This is time-consuming, but so is having a full-time job. I am just hoping that a little revenue will come my way at the end of all this.

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