Friday, March 26, 2010

I Am Giving Affiliate Marketing Another Go

I came across some free videos about a week ago on how to make money selling affiliate products using article marketing.

I have already tried this and made a little money from promoting a couple of products using Squidoo and a few articles but I did not really push it and even though I had studied a few methods, I did not really follow them to the letter. This time I am going to follow every step without getting distracted in the middle of a campaign.

I have already selected a list of keywords, written 1 article and set up a blog to use as a landing page. I still need to write lots more articles and publish them on article directories as well as promote them and then wait and see if I make any sales. I am aiming for my first 10 articles to be written by the end of next week, even though I may get delayed by the kids being on their Easter holidays but if I manage to write 2 articles a day for the next 5 days I should then be able to do my rewrites and article submissions by the end of the following week.

If you are interested in taking a look at this method that claims you can make $100 a day online using it, here is the link I followed to get my free videos: it requires following someone on Twitter and sending an update; you will see the intructions when you visit the link.  

I wish I could share the method on this blog but I guess it would be a copyright violation; don't worry though, I will post regular updates on how I am doing. I don't expect to earn $100 a day as the videos claim, but I would be happy enough if I could make $10 a day for a start after I have all my articles published.

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