Monday, March 22, 2010

Save Money On White Goods With Online Vouchers is a website that lets you enter free competitions to win great prizes and print vouchers for products that you can buy in most shops in Ireland and the UK.

Usually you can get between 10c and €1.00 off branded grocery items, which often are no good to me because I do most of my shopping in discount stores that don't sell these brands but today I came across an offer for huge discounts on white goods from Expert, an Irish company that sells electrical goods.

If you were thinking of buying a washing machine, a dishwasher or a dryer, check out first the competition page where you can win an LCD TV from Expert (it can't hurt to enter that either!) and follow the link to view the partner offer that will bring you to a page where you can print vouchers ranging from €48.00 to €71.00 on these products from Expert.

I know that if I had a printer and space for a dryer, I would just jump at the chance to buy a dryer using their voucher!

If you have never heard of, I urge you to take a look and join their website, registration is free and even if you don't buy anything from their partner websites, you get the chance to earn points just by visiting some pages for 10 seconds and also by answering a few weekly quizzes. Even without buying anything, I usually earn on average 50 points every week and that's only by visiting the site once a week for about 10 minutes; I redeemed their points for a book (The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo) that I received last week in perfect condition. You can redeem your points for lots of different products such as books, mobile phone credit, cute Pigsback merchandise, charity donations and money off vouchers for DVD rentals, restaurants, salons, etc.

If you are living in Ireland or the UK, you can join here if you haven't already done so.

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